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Guidelines for Establishment of New General Nursing and Midwifery School of Nursing
1. Any organization under: (i) Central Government/State Government/Local body (ii)Registered Private or Public Trust (iii) Missionary or any other organization registered under Society Registration Act (iv) Company incorporated under section 25 of company’s act are eligible to establish General Nursing and Midwifery School of Nursing.

2. Any organization having 100 bedded Parent (Own) hospital is eligible to establish General Nursing Course.

3. Above organization shall obtain the Essentiality Certificate/No Objection Certificate for the General Nursing and Midwifery programme from the respective State Government. The institution name alongwith Trust Deed/Society address shall be mentioned in No Objection Certificate/Essentiality Certificate.

4. An application form to establish Nursing programme is available on the website viz.,, which shall be downloaded. Duly filled in application form with the requisite documents mentioned in the form shall be submitted before the last date as per the calendar of events of that year.

5. The Indian Nursing Council on receipt of the proposal from the Institution to start nursing programme, will undertake the first inspection to assess suitability with regard to physical infrastructure, clinical facility and teaching faculty in order to give permission to start the programme.

6. After the receipt of the permission to start the nursing programme from Indian Nursing Council, the institution shall obtain the approval from the State Nursing Council and Examination Board.

7. Institution will admit the students only after taking approval of State Nursing Council and Examination Board.

• If, no admission are made for two consecutive academic years then it shall be considered as closed for the said programme.
• If the institution wants to restart the programme they have to submit the first inspection fees within 5 years i.e, from the year they did not have admissions. Guidelines of the year wherein institute was first permitted will be applicable.

Minimum Requirement to establish General Nursing and Midwifery Programm
Teaching Block:
The School of Nursing should have a separate building/teaching block*. For a School with an annual admission capacity of 40-60 students, the constructed area of the School should be 23720 square feet.

The School of Nursing can be in a rented/leased building for first two years. After two years institute shall have own building in an institutional area. Otherwise Rs.50,000 penalty has to be paid for every year for 3 years. During the penalty period institute shall be able to construct own building. If the institution is not able to have their own building, permission/suitability will be withdrawn and however institution will be given chance to submit the proposal towards first inspection with the latest guidelines.

Adequate hostel/residential accommodation for students and staff should be available in addition to the above mentioned built up area of the Nursing School respectively. The details of the constructed area are given below for admission capacity of 40-60 students:

S. No. Teaching Block Area (Figures in Sq feet)
1. Lecture Hall 4 @ 1080 = 4320
2. (i) Nursing foundation lab 1500
  (ii) CHN 900
  (iii) Nutrition 900
  (iv) OBG and Paediatrics lab 900
  (v) Pre-clinical science lab 900
  (vi) Computer Lab 1500
3. Multipurpose Hall 3000
4. Common Room (Male & Female) 1100
5. Staff Room 1000
6. Principal Room 300
7. Vice Principal Room 200
8. Library 2400
9. A.V. Aids Room 600
10. One room for each Head of Departments 800 each
11. Faculty Room 2400
12. Provisions for Toilets 1000
  Total 23720 Sqr. Ft.


1.    Nursing Educational institution should be in Institutional area only and not in residential area.

2.     If the institute has non-nursing programme in the same building, Nursing programme should have separate teaching block.

3. Shift-wise management with other educational institutions will not be accepted.

4. Separate teaching block shall be available if it is in hospital premises.

5.     Proportionately the size of the built-up area will increase according to the number of students admitted.

6.     School and College of nursing can share laboratories, if they are in same campus under same name and under same trust, that is the institution is one but offering different nursing programmes. However they should have equipments and articles proportionate to the strength of admission. And the class rooms should be available as per the requirement stipulated by Indian Nursing Council of each programme.

Hostel Block:

Hostel Provision is Mandatory and shall also be owned by the institute within the period of two years

S. No.

Hostel Block

Area (Figures in Sq feet)


Single Room



Double Room




One latrine & One Bath room (for 5



students) - 500


Visitor Room



Reading Room






Recreation Room



Dining Hall



Kitchen & Store




30750 Sqr. Ft.

Grand Total (total requirement for the nursing programme): - 23720 (Teaching Block) + 30750 (Hostel Block) = 54470 Sqr. Ft.

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