AICTE Approval Norms-EVC

Physical Verification by Expert Visit Team

Documents to be submitted at the time of Expert Committee (EVC)

Applicant shall present following supporting documents in original along with one copy, duly attested by a Gazette Officer or a First Class Judicial Magistrate or Notary or an Oath Commissioner and other necessary information to the Expert Visit Committee.

  1. Copy of the advertisement in at least one National Daily, for recruitment of Principal / Director and faculty members.
  2. Stock Register of dead stock items including laboratory equipment, computers, system & application software, printers, office equipments and other dead stock items.
  3. Proof of provision of Internet bandwidth in Mbps and contention ratio.
  4. List giving titles of books and volumes of each purchased for Library.
  5. Copy of Invoice / Cash Memo for equipments and Library Books.
  6. List and details of hard copy of National Journals subscribed.
  7. List and details of hard copy of International Journals subscribed.
  8. Details of subscription of Journals as per Appendix 10 of Approval Process Handbook 2018-19.
  9. Sanction of electrical load by electric supply provider company
  10. A certificate by an architect giving details of sewage disposal system, barrier free environment and toilets created for physically challenged and all weather approach road.
  11. Details and proof of telephone connections available at the proposed Technical Campus
  12. Details and proof about medical facility and counselling arrangements
  13. Details of reprographic facility available for students
  14. Details of all other educational Institutions run by the same society or management or by any other management to which the Chairman of the applicant Society is a member.

17. Video recording with date and time of the entire proceedings of the Expert Visit Committee Visit, which shall form part of the Expert Visit Committee Report. This shall include a walk through video with date and time of shooting of all Infrastructural facilities created indicating the complete physical Infrastructure/ facilities, highlighting Front and Back side of the entire Institution Building(s) Internal portion of the Classrooms, Tutorial Rooms, Laboratories, Workshop, Drawing Hall, Computer Centre, Library, Reading Room, Seminar Hall and all other rooms, as mentioned in Programme-wise Instructional area requirements, Internal portion of the principal’s room, Board room, main Office, Departmental Offices, Faculty cabins/ seating arrangement and all other rooms as mentioned in Administrative area requirements, Internal portion of toilet facilities, boys and girls common rooms, Cafeteria and all other rooms as mentioned in Amenities area requirements, circulation area details highlighting entrance lobby, passages, escalators, staircases and other common areas.
Documents to be submitted after the issuance of LOA

  1. New Institutions granted Letter of Approval and the existing Institutions granted approval for introduction of new course/s division/s program/s second shift and change in intake capacity, shall comply with appointment of teaching staff and Principal/Director as the case may be, as per policy regarding minimum qualifications pay scale etc, norms prescribed by the Council and other technical supporting staff & administrative staff as per the schedule prescribed in the approval process hand book.
  2. Institutions other than minority Institutions shall appoint teaching staff / Principal / Director and other technical supporting staff and administrative staff strictly in accordance with the methods and procedures of the concerned affiliating University particularly in case of selection procedures and selection committees.
  3. The information about these appointments of staff in the prescribed Format shall be submitted to the concerned Regional Office.
  4. In no circumstances unless the appointment of all teaching and other staff is in place, the Institutes shall start the approved Technical Courses.
  5. Faculty and non-teaching staff data shall be entered as per the prescribed Format.

How can you submit the application to AICTE?
The applicant can submit his application online through the payment gateway on the AICTE Web-Portal
A unique User ID is allotted to each new applicant on payment of Rs. 5000/-. Using this ID, the applicant can upload the application on the portal in the prescribed format.
What is the processing fee for setting up a new technical institute?
The fee structure as per APH2018-19 is as follows:

  1. Minority Institution- 6.0 lakhs
  2. Institution setup in J7K, North Eastern State- 6.0 lakhs
  3. Institution set up exclusively for women- 6 lakhs
  4. All other Institutions 8.0 lakhs
  5. Government / Government aided / Central University / State University- Nil
  6. All applicant under (i) (ii)(iii)(v) whose application was rejected and issued LoR- 3.0 lakhs

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